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Of Boxes and Labels

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Flyaway Boy is a story about a boy who doesn’t fit in – not in his school, among friends and sometimes even struggles to feel part of his family. As the author Jane De Suza writes, everyone lives in boxes. And Kabir saw those boxes…

Anil Singh

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Anil has been working with various voluntary institutions for the last 25 years on the theme of elementary education. An expert in theatre, he has conducted many drama workshops for children. Having a keen interest in children’s literature, he writes stories and poems. His articles are published regularly in various journals and magazines and recently […]

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Tultul Biswas

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Tultul first began her career as a teacher in Bhopal. A post graduate in Chemistry and Sociology, she started working with Eklavya Foundation in 1991 with Chakmak – Eklavya’s flagship children’s magazine; and then went on to shape the team developing books for children, teachers and lay-readers. The thrust here was to develop and publish […]

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