Reading that Matters

Reading matters, wherever you are. For the tribal community in Rajasthan’s Bali Block,  a vibrant school library has infused interest in reading and books, and made the school a happy place for children.

Aanchal Mittal Parag Library 23 April 2019

Parag Initiative wins at London Book Fair 2019

Parag won the award in the ‘educational initiatives’ category. The Parag initiative was launched by the Tata Trusts in 2005-06 to support the development of, access to and use of children’s literature in Indian languages, to promote reading among children.

Tata Trusts Team Parag Library 12 March 2019

By the book

The Parag library programme helps government schools in Karnataka and Rajasthan instil a love for reading books in children and strengthens their learning ability.

Vikas Kumar Parag Library 19 March 2019

When Children Write Stories…

Children’s authors and illustrators, take note! If ten-year-old children are capable of this amount of creativity, you had better match up to it!

Gayathri P. S kitablet 14 Mar 2018

The Fine Readers

One day in office, we were going through the reports of children reading on Kitablet and we noticed that one particular school had overshot the graph.

Gayathri P. S. and Seema Amalnerkar kitablet 9 Feb 2018

Where is the Librarian?

I was working as a volunteer with a Gurgaon-based NGO, to revive a library which was located on their campus. It was a pretty good set-up—a spacious room with a few thousand books, library-like furniture and electricity.

Ruchi Dhona Kitablet 2 Jan 2018