Since 2005, Parag has supported publication of 680 original stories for children across the age group of 5-16 years. These stories have been published across 9 languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Oriya. We have also published in non-mainstream languages such as Mundari, Bhilori, Pawri and Santhali, languages in which children find it impossible to get books. Parag supported books have been read by over 40 million readers in schools, community libraries and homes. Books are available in multiple formats including ePubs, audio, Braille, tactile and animated e Books. We have worked with 18 children’s publishers in multiple Indian languages.

Our catalogue gives an overview of books supported over the years.

The Challenge:

Availability and access to age-appropriate, engaging reading material in regional languages remains a major challenge for children in India, with only a handful of publishers engaged in this.

45% of children’s publishing happens in English; 25% is in Hindi. The remaining 30% is split among other Indian languages. 0-6 year category is the most neglected age group by the Indian publishers.

Indian English publishing does not guarantee quality since 56% of content published is reproduced and includes retelling of Panchatantra, fables and folktales, counting and colouring books and early literacy concept books. The case is dismal for language publishing. For example, only 20% of content published in Hindi is original.

Access to children’s literature in India is very limited with 1 book available for 5 children (1 book available for 11 children in rural India); in comparison, 6 books are available per child in the United Kingdom. Secondly, channels of access are limited to school and public libraries. Majority of the rural children (comprising 68% of the total child population), as well as the urban poor, lack buying capacity and have negligible access to storybooks. Publishers reported that reaching out to children in rural areas far outweighs the costs involved in publishing books.

For detailed analysis of the children’s literature market in India and challenges see Mapping Study Summary under Resources.

How we support:

  • Partner children’s publishers, authors, illustrators and artists across India
  • Support workshops and residencies for authors and illustrators in multiple Indian languages
  • Encourage translation and printing into other Indian and non-mainstream languages
  • Adapt printed books into Braille, audio-books, tactile books to increase access to children with disabilities

  • Identify diverse communities, non-mainstream groups, artisans and work with them for generation of original content

Parag Honour List Books 2023

Parag Honour List 2023 brings to you a curated collection of outstanding books in English and Hindi, for children, young readers and young adults.

An initiative of Tata Trusts, the Parag Honour List, published annually, comprises of noteworthy books of the year with brief information about each title. It has been created after careful screening and multiple reviews by experts in the children’s literature sector. The list aims to promote access to good quality children’s literature that librarians, teachers, parents and children can refer to and read.

As per this year’s criteria, we received original writing in the category of early readers, young readers and young adults, in fiction, non-fiction and poetry, from 33 Indian publishers, published between October 2021 and September 2022.

We hope this list will enable a wider readership to some of the best Indian children’s books!

Children’s Publishers and Bookstores

Here is a list of some bookstores and publishers who offer good books for children.

Children’s Publishers

A list of children’s publishers pan India who publish good books for children.

Children’s Bookstores

A list of some bookstores across Indian cities where you can find good quality Indian children’s literature.

Parag New Release

Parag supports publication of original stories and translations for children across the age group of 3-16 years. The main aim is to provide access to good quality story books for children in Indian languages. A wide range and variety of books have been released through various publishers and we are happy to share an array of new stories for different age groups with you.


Parag Honour List

For more than a decade Parag has been working to catalyse the children’s literature sector in India. Parag has supported the publication of 700+ titles in 9 Indian languages reaching more than 40 million readers.


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Children’s Literature for ALL

Opening up the world of books to children with disabilities is an important pathway to making literature and society more inclusive