Parag Fellowship for Library Practitioners 2024

Library practice as an area of professional engagement and development has little recognition and opportunities for growth and strengthening work around libraries remain a challenge. Since its inception in 2015, ¬the Library Educators Course, a flagship program of the Parag Initiative has offered opportunities to library educators and teachers to create vibrant libraries for children, catering to some of the most underserved communities in the country. It has enabled participants to gain familiarity and deepen their understanding about library practice and children’s literature through the 7-month blended course. So far, the course has seen diverse participants including teachers, library educators and professionals from not-for-profit organizations from over 19 states in the country. The initiative has continued to support the participants in their journey of strengthening their library practice through an active alumni network.

About the fellowship

As we recognize that it is important to continue to offer opportunities to help library practitioners examine their own work with a critical stance and further add value to library practice and children’s literature, we rolled out the Parag fellowship for Library Practitioners earlier this month. The fellowship, supported by Doorbeen, an initiative of the H T Parekh Foundation for children’s library and literature, will enable practitioners to step back from their routine work and delve deeper into aspects of library practice. It will enable the practitioner to work with a focus on library collection and explore the various possibilities in creating informed and engaged readers. The fellowship extending over a period of three months, specifically encourages individuals to explore how a diverse collection and books on specific themes, genres and formats help create engagement with readers through dialogue and collective meaning making.

Selected Fellows:

Following a two-step selection process, the fellows have been selected based on various criteria including their understanding of the significance of the book collection, the scope of the dimensions they propose to explore and the needs of the contexts in which their libraries function.

We are happy to announce the selected fellows:

What does the Fellowship offer:

Selected fellows will be provided a financial support amount of Rs 30,000 per fellow, paid in two instalments, apart from an additional amount of Rs 6,000 for purchasing children’s books or other material for their study.

They will be mentored by an expert through the fellowship period of 3 months (mid-December 2023 to mid-March 2024), to finalize the design of the study, guide the fellows in conducting the study and provide feedback in the process of writing the report.

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