Priya Kuriyan received the Big Little Book Award, illustrator category, in 2019. As a child, Priya took a keen interest in drawing and reading books with illustrations. She’s always been interested in making visual narratives and storytelling through pictures. She’s written and illustrated over 80 books for children.

Book art and sketches


Poetry and art

Being an artist in a digital world

In Priya’s photo story we are exploring how technology and digital tools have integrated into her world of illustration. The Internet has made it possible for artists to maximise their reach to people, especially through social media. And so begins a dialogue between art, the artist and the viewer.

Library Educator’s Course

LEC Hindi is open to all educators and intended for teachers, school librarians, development sector professionals, and literacy and language educators and in fact for every one working with children and books with the desire to spread the joy and culture of reading. The LEC offers a unique opportunity to strengthen understanding and academic thinking linked to practice in a well-designed, highly charged environment with some of the best library practitioners in the field.

The course comprises three contact sessions in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. LEC hindi has successfully completed seven batches. More than two hundred library educators and teachers from 43 organisations across 19 states have participated in the course.

Participation on moodle during distance mode, completion of assignments and field projects are graded. For more information, please go through the course prospectus.

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Big Little Book Award

An annual award that recognizes and honours original and significant contribution of Indian authors and illustrators to children’s literature in Indian languages.


Parag’s annual Children’s Library Conference where library educators and others engaged in the library, with reading and children exchange ideas, present best practices and challenges.

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Riyaaz Academy – New Narrative for Children’s Illustrators

How do illustrators train? What happens during the course of a contact week at the Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators? This photo essay takes a sneak peek into the various aspects of the course.