If children have a supportive friendly adult in the library who is well versed with books and also connects well with them, the bond between books and children begins. A library educator is this critical link between books and children. The role of a library educator is not just to maintain the collection and manage the library. Her central role is to ignite a friendship between children and books.

Parag’s Library Educator’s Course (LEC) is a first-of-its-kind a Professional Development Certificate course open to all educators and intended for teachers, school librarians, development sector professionals, literacy educators and language experts. The course is best suited for individuals working with children and books and interested in developing library practices and learning. LEC has been designed to help practitioners to imagine the library as an open and creative space for all curricular areas, especially reading for pleasure!

Library education for children has multiple possibilities and dimensions as yet unexplored in the Indian context. LEC offers a unique opportunity to strengthen understanding and academic thinking linked to practice in a well-designed, highly charged environment with some of the best library practitioners in the field.

What LEC Offers:

  • Intellectually stimulating curriculum
  • Vision and perspective building for the library professional
  • Exposure and experience with rich selection of children’s books
  • Extensive hands-on experience in contact mode
  • Engagement in a dual mode course whilst continuing work
  • Dialogue and network with a community of Library Educators
  • Design and undertake field project pertaining to libraries

LEC aims to equip participants to:

Key outcomes of 2019 LEC (Hindi)

By the end of the course participants showed steep improvement in their knowledge of children’s literature, including awareness of different genres and good titles; 80% correctly understood that library books need not always be selected strictly matching the child’s reading level. By the end of LEC, a majority of participants could correctly articulate the objectives for book related activities and how to engage children through them.

Participant feedback on key course features:

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