• Last date of application:12 April 2016
  • Course commences:23 May 2016
  • Course duration:7 months
  • Batch strength:30
  • Course language:Hindi
  • Course fee:Rs. 25,000
  • Course prospectus:Download
  • Poster:Download

The LEC Hindi is open to all educators and intended for teachers, school librarians, development sector professionals, and literacy and language educators and in fact for every one working with children and books with the desire to spread the joy and culture of reading. The LEC offers a unique opportunity to strengthen understanding and academic thinking linked to practice in a well-designed, highly charged environment with some of the best library practitioners in the field.


Ajaa Sharma

Ajaa Sharma

Leads Professional Development and Capacity Building at Parag serving as the strategic lead for the Library Educator’s Course in Hindi. Ajaa works as the Core Lead Faculty for the Hindi course and has completed three course offerings leading content, planning, and course implementation. She brings in over a decade of experience in the education sector across different geographies. Her focus areas have included language learning, education assessments, early literacy, child rights and promotion of girls’ education. Inclusion of children’s language and context in classrooms is close to her heart. She also worked as a faculty with Language and Learning Foundation before joining Parag. Ajaa holds a MA (Social Work) from University of Delhi and MA (Elementary Education) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She believes in nurturing educator’s and enabling children’s response and engagement with books in all possible ways.


Akhila Pydha

Akhila is the course anchor. She comes with a professional experience in designing and evaluating educational interventions, including research roles at the University of Oxford and at the RJM Centre for Educational Innovations (IIM Ahmedabad). She was also associated with the planning and delivery of USAID’s READ Alliance programme. Akhila is passionate about exploring different areas of cognitive development and learning in young children. Her areas of expertise include educational and psychological research and statistical analysis as applied to the social sciences.



A well-known writer, poet who has published several works for children and adults. He has been active in development of curriculum for primary education, teacher training, creative writing workshops and editing children’s magazines. He has been part of several selection and editing committees on children’s literature and textbooks. Prabhat has edited almost 20+ books on folk-literature for children in Bajjika, Chhattisgarhi, Baiga and Awadhi. His poetry and articles have been published in leading Hindi magazines and he has broadcasted songs and poetry on radio and television. Prabhat serves as a core faculty on the course and has completed three course cycles in the role. His literature related inputs in the course have been significant. Prabhat holds a post graduate degree in Hindi Literature from the University of Rajasthan.


Sujata Noronha

Sujata is an educator and enjoys working with children and books. She is deeply interested in the power of the printed word and the pathways to access and growth emerging from it. In Goa, she works out of her organisation called Bookworm that provides resources and facilitates library and reading within the community of Panjim and in schools around the State. She consults with the Tata Trusts within the Education portfolio.


Usha Mukunda

Usha Mukunda has inspired generations of children to discover the joys of reading. An ardent advocate of open libraries, she is deeply interested in nurturing discerning readers and users of the library. She cofounded the Centre for Learning (Bangalore) in 1990 and set up an open library there. She has been working with several rural, government and community libraries across India. She writes regularly on books and libraries for various journals, and blogs at library.cfl.in.


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