• Last date of application:31 January 2020
  • Course commences:24 February 2020
  • Course duration:7 months
  • Batch strength:30
  • Course language:Hindi
  • Course fee:NIL
  • Course prospectus:Download

  • Application Form:Download

LEC Hindi is open to all educators and intended for teachers, school librarians, development sector professionals, and literacy and language educators and in fact for every one working with children and books with the desire to spread the joy and culture of reading. The LEC offers a unique opportunity to strengthen understanding and academic thinking linked to practice in a well-designed, highly charged environment with some of the best library practitioners in the field.

The course comprises of three contact sessions in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. LEC hindi has successfully completed five batches. 141 library educators from 43 organisations across 19 states have been trained.

Participation on moodle during distance mode, completion of assignments and field projects are graded. For more information, please go through the course prospectus.


Anil Singh

Anil Singh

Anil has been working with various voluntary institutions for the last 25 years on the theme of elementary education. An expert in theatre, he has conducted many drama workshops for children. Having a keen interest in children’s literature, he writes stories and poems. His articles are published regularly in various journals and magazines and recently his book ‘Chamanlal Ke Paijamay’ was selected in the Parag Honor List 2020. Anil has been associated with Eklavya for story staging, child fairs, teacher training. Prior to this, he has been linked with Muskaan for a long time, working on the education of children from disadvantaged communities. For the last eight years, Anil has been working on an alternative model of child centered education in ‘Anand Niketan Democratic School’, Bhopal. He is a core faculty member at LEC. A graduate of education, mass communication and social work, Anil has a special interest in poetry presentation including storytelling and acting. Loves acting and music.


Nitu Singh

Nitu anchors the Library Educator’s Course (LEC) and works as a faculty. She also coordinates professional development and capacity building at Parag. She works closely with multiple state governments for strengthening capacity of professionals in education sector. Prior to joining Parag, she worked with the Literacy and Library Programme of Room to Read. Nitu began her career as a teacher-educator with District Institute of Education & Training, Madhya Pradesh. She has contributed articles on library and education in different educational journals. Her areas of interest are library, early literacy, reading and teacher’s education. She enjoys reading fiction and biographical narratives. Nitu loves to tell stories to children in the library and engages them with books. She likes traveling and observing local culture and history. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and English literature and has a keen interest in weaving stories through stitching and re-use of trash for library displays.


Shivani Bajaj

Shivani has worked in the field of primary education with NGOs like Eklavya, Nirantar and CEMD. She has organized a children’s book reading club for 6 years; where the focus was on inculcating a love for reading in primary school children. In the past, she has been associated with Tata Trusts as a library consultant and was part of the team that developed and facilitated the pilot round of the Library Educators’ Course. She has mentored LEC participants for three batches now and contributes towards LEC content and moodle discussions. She also works as a part time translator. Shivani holds a masters degree in Linguistics from the University of Delhi.

Tultul Biswas

Tultul Biswas

Tultul first began her career as a teacher in Bhopal. A post graduate in Chemistry and Sociology, she started working with Eklavya Foundation in 1991 with Chakmak – Eklavya’s flagship children’s magazine; and then went on to shape the team developing books for children, teachers and lay-readers. The thrust here was to develop and publish books that portrayed independent, thoughtful children with an agency of their own and hands-on easy to use learning materials for teachers and parents. Presently, she coordinates the teacher education, outreach & advocacy programmes at Eklavya. She is actively engaged in designing learning opportunities, workshops, short courses for teachers and grassroots level education activists and bring about change in classroom practices. She has been a part of the LEC guest faculty for the last 3 years. Mother of a 14-year-old daughter, Tultul is a part of the Indian feminist movement. She has a keen interest in folk and classical music.

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