Buffalo Baby

In this charming wordless book, a little girl’s attempts to make friends with a buffalo calf and get her to play are depicted with great humour and sensitivity. The warm loving atmosphere of the grandparents’ home is immediately relatable for most children. The rural setting is beautifully illustrated. The little girl finally succeeds because she identifies that one activity that forges a strong bond, which every child has experienced. The poop element is always a hit.

Big Beetle Books 2023 Nandita Charbak Dipta

Cyrus the Whyrus

A charming, quick-paced story that plays with words and makes them fun, bringing alive the everyday in a magical way. The theme of a child always asking ‘Why?’ is explored in an imaginative way and there is fortunately no big moral in the story. The illustrations are full of quirky details, to be looked at again and again for new delights everytime! The craft of storytelling through both the words and the pictures makes this book a real keeper.

an imprint of Penguin Random House India, Duckbill 2023 Lavanya Karthik Priya Kuriyan

Hello, Sun!

A delightful book that presents the sense of wonder that lies in the everyday natural world. The evocative illustrations show a bright-eyed boy encountering and investigating many creatures in his little world around his home. The comfort of the child in his surroundings would appeal to any child who loves the outdoors, irrespective of the context they are growing up in. The book can also encourage children to go out and explore.

Pratham Books 2022 Rajiv Eipe Rajiv Eipe

Listen to Appa

This is a charming book that challenges the stereotypical roles of adult-child and mother-father with fun and simplicity. The illustrations are quirky, with a sense of character and space, adding a layer to the narrative. The writing is rhythmic, interspersed with humour for readers across ages. A great example of how illustrations and text should come together in books for early readers!

Eklavya 2023 Asha Nehemiah Shubhshree Mathur

Our Library

This warm book invites readers to a diverse and inclusive children’s library, consciously including children with both physical and intellectual disabilities. We get a glimpse into the lives of children as well as their parents and caregivers. Right from the striking cover to accurate depiction of children, the illustrator does a fabulous job to lift the book out of the ordinary.

Pratham Books 2023 Raviraj Shetty Deepa Balsavar

What Do We Name This Dog?

A charming story of a dog who seems to belong to no one but who finally finds a name and a home. Diversity is naturally embedded in the story that shows the antics of the dog and the open-heartedness of the people. Beautiful illustrations add a layer in presenting the contemporary urban setting. A book full of love, for the dog and for the community that is joined together by its arrival.

Tulika Publishers 2023 Menaka Raman Proiti Roy

When We Are Home

This is a lovely book that presents a specific and difficult context through the everyday joy that children have the ability to find. The illustrations evoke Majuli in every page – the houses on stilts, weaving activities, food, cultivation- richly bringing to life, the world that is lost to the rising flood waters. The reveal at the end is moving. The creators of this book are Assamese and bring in a familiarity with the landscape captured in the book.

Pratham Books 2023 Priyadarshini Gogoi Pankaj Saikia

Afo and I

Set in North-East India, this story explores big and small losses, goodbyes and change through a multi-layered narrative with many questions. Why does someone have to leave the village? What makes a city different? The vivid artwork is consistently from a child’s perspective, capturing the feeling of being small in a vast world. Layered with everyday joy and human-nature connections, this is a book for many ages!

Pratham Books 2023 Canato Jimo Canato Jimo

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