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Indrapramit Roy

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Indrapramit Roy is an artist, teacher, occasional writer and sometime illustrator. He has been exhibiting since 1990 and has had 17 solo shows so far. He has represented India in Asian Art Exhibition in Macao and the Cairo Biennale and most recently “India at 70” at Bangkok. In 2013 he completed a12x26 feet mural for […]

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Sau Pedon ke Naam

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मैं तो बिल्ली हूँ

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टिंटी कहती है कि वह एक बिल्ली है l पर उसकी माँ कहती है कि वह उसकी नन्ही सी बेटी है l टिंटी है कौन? यह कहानी इसी प्रश्न का जवाब ढूंढते हुए बचपन की मज़ेदार सोच और मासूम ख्यालों को दर्शाती है l

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