For the inaugural UnConference we would like to invite participants to be part of a ‘Collaborative Library Display and Panel Discussion’. For this, all participating organizations would have to create a display for the conference, showcasing/sharing one or two best practices as part of this journey which have significantly impacted library work.

  • When:4 March 2017
  • Where:India International Centre, New Delhi
  • Programme schedule:Download

  • UnConference report:Download

This display can be about- the reach of the work, an effort to bring literature and quality literature to children, promote inclusion in access to books or giving library its rightful place in the community or school or efforts taken by the community to sustain the library. It may be any such milestone/impact/initiative of your library journey. The display can be in the form of charts, standees, photographs with captions, books, or a mix of these and not data. Each organization will be given a table and a wall space to set up the display. Organizations can also share short audio-visual clips on laptops as ‘additional information’. One representative would be required at the display and panelists and participants shall be invited for a walk through of the various displays. The panelists may pose questions or ask for more information from the representative present at the display. After the walk through we shall sit together with the exhibitors and panelists to dialogue and deliberate on the library practices and take the children’s library movement ahead.


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