Libraries have an enormous potential in nurturing an active and vibrant learning space, wherein children with diverse interests can engage with books, access a rich collection of literature and engage with collaborative as well as self-directed learning. However, such active reading communities in school libraries are few in India and the discourse around libraries needs to be enriched. Parag’s Children’s Library unConference aims to create a platform where library educators and others engaged in the library space, with reading and children, get to meet, exchange ideas, present best practices and challenges and learn from each other—with the vision of enriching the library discourse in India.

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Library Educators Course English 2017 Glimpses

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 19 Apr 2017

Uniquely Artful

When Anant Pai chose to tell Indian stories through comics he was viewed with great skepticism.

Reena I. Puri kitablet 20 Mar 2017