Rajiv Eipe received the Big Little Book Award, illustrator category, in 2020. Drawing and art has been his companion always. He has illustrated 22 books for children. Rajiv also runs an animation studio, Plankton Collective, in Bangalore. He enjoys reading and spending quiet time at home with his wife, 3 cats and a dog.

Book art and the artist’s pad


Poetry and art

Connecting home, studio and illustrations

Being an illustrator, the creative process never ceases to end. Ideas strike up from day to day living, which means a notebook, and a pencil by the side, and they all become a part of your identity. Through Rajiv’s photo story we are exploring how he connects home, life and his illustrations.

Library Educator’s Course

A professional development certificate course that trains practitioners to imagine the library as an open and creative space for all curricular areas, especially reading for pleasure.

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Big Little Book Award

An annual award that recognizes and honours original and significant contribution of Indian authors and illustrators to children’s literature in Indian languages.


Parag’s annual Children’s Library Conference where library educators and others engaged in the library, with reading and children exchange ideas, present best practices and challenges.

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Case Studies
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How do illustrators train? What happens during the course of a contact week at the Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators? This photo essay takes a sneak peek into the various aspects of the course.