किताबों वाली गुड़िया

मैं गुड़िया हूँ, मेरा यही नाम है और यही मेरी पहचान भी। आमतौर से मेरा साबका बच्चों से ही रहा है खास कर बच्चियों से,मुझे बनाने वाले भी अक्सर यही सोच कर हमें बनाते हैं

Nitu Singh Parag Nurtures 17 October 2018

Turning Illustrators into Storytellers at the Riyaaz Academy

What does the Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators do? It trains young aspiring artists to illustrate for children’s books, textbooks, magazines.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Nurtures 7 September 2018

Sharing the LEC experience

It has been a week since I am back from LEC and I have thought to share a chunk of my experience I have gathered in my first contact. Before going into the course I had apprehensions in my mind

Niju Mohan Parag Nurtures 2 May 2018