​Musings from a teacher’s training

Through this year our team has been engaged with government teacher’s training in Uttar Pradesh for libraries in schools. We have now trained 100 teachers, which is a big number for a small team as ours but a drop in the ocean for the state.

Ajaa Sharma Parag Nurtures 14 November 2018

रीड अलाउड से पढ़ने की ओर

एल.ई.सी. 2017 में मैंने कोर्स के दौरान पढ़ने से जुडी गतिविधियों के बारे में कई लेख पढ़े| जिससे कि बच्चों में किस प्रकार पढ़ने की क्षमता विकसित होती है इस विषय पर मेरी समझ काफी मजबूत हुई| सुजाता जी के आलेख पठन से पाठक का विकास में वे द आर्ट ऑफ़ टीचिंग रीडिंग का संदर्भ देते हुए कहती हैं कि,

Nitu Yadav Parag Nurtures 31 October 2018

Frankfurt Diaries: Imagining Desirable Futures

Frankfurt Buchmesse (Book Fair) 2018 has a separate theme called The Arts+ that looks at technology

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018

किताबों वाली गुड़िया

मैं गुड़िया हूँ, मेरा यही नाम है और यही मेरी पहचान भी। आमतौर से मेरा साबका बच्चों से ही रहा है खास कर बच्चियों से,मुझे बनाने वाले भी अक्सर यही सोच कर हमें बनाते हैं

Nitu Singh Parag Nurtures 17 October 2018

Frankfurt Diaries: Where is India at the Frankfurt Buchmesse ?

After three days of walking the halls of the Frankfurt Book Fair I have learnt one thing –

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018

Turning Illustrators into Storytellers at the Riyaaz Academy

What does the Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators do? It trains young aspiring artists to illustrate for children’s books, textbooks, magazines.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Nurtures 7 September 2018

How Children Respond to Inclusive Books – Part 3

A very crucial aim of Parag bringing out more books with disability and inclusion as the theme is to encourage more conversations about individual differences,

Akhila Pydah Parag Reads 5 September 2018

Inclusive Books & Children’s Response – Part 2

Not all stories with a character with disability can be a good one. Just like any good story, it should have a compelling plot,

Akhila Pydah Parag Reads 31 August 2018

Inclusive Books & Children’s Response – Part 1

Do you know anyone with a disability in your family, community, school / organization? Take a minute to answer to this question.

Akhila Pydah Parag Reads 24 August 2018

5 favourite Animal Books

Children’s books are kind of wedded to animal stories and characters. Sometimes as themselves, sometimes as humans – animals perhaps come close to human experience of emotions of all kinds, except that animals in stories often speak the human language in words which may not be true in real life.

Ajaa Sharma Parag Reads 20 August 2018