Evolving a library resource support group

This study conducted by Vidya Bhawan Society looked at setting up a library resource support group after discussion with selected organisations doing library work. The aim was to understand the different means in which a resource group could support librarians and library activities and bring libraries to the forefront of school education.

Report Parag & VBS 2011


Reimagining Libraries and Library Educators

Parag’s Library Educators’ Course (LEC) imagines the library as an open and vibrant space, where children build a relationship with books and reading. LEC enables alumni to strengthen their library practice and make changes that will impact children’s reading experiences positively.

Case Study Nitu Singh 2018

A Two-way Street

A Two-way Street

The Parag libraries in Yadgir district of Karnataka are inviting community into the libraries and making it an inclusive space.

Case Study Gajendra Raut 2018

Book extension activities engage children and motivate reading in Yadgir

Book extension activities engage children and motivate reading in Yadgir

Carefully designed book extension activities in libraries play a key role in engaging both readers and non-readers. Activities introduce new books and genres, open up discussion and motivate children to reflect on their reading.

Case Study Dakshayani Suresh 2017


How libraries impact different stakeholders

The schools libraries set up by Parag in Gurmitkal block of Karnataka have impacted not just students, but built the skills of the library facilitators and established the library as an integral part of school education.

Case Study Dakshayani Suresh 2017

Reflections from Parag Library unConference 2017

This report summarises the 2017 annual children’s library unConference and key takeaways.

Report Parag 2017

Catch That Cat!

Children’s Literature for ALL

Opening up the world of books to children with disabilities is an important pathway to making literature and society more inclusive

Case Study Namrata Narasimhan 2017

Case Studies

Riyaaz Academy – New Narrative for Children’s Illustrators

How do illustrators train? What happens during the course of a contact week at the Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators? This photo essay takes a sneak peek into the various aspects of the course.

Case Study Parag 2016

Parag Honour List Books

A curated collection of outstanding books in English and in Hindi, for children and young adults. This list, published annually, comprises noteworthy books of the year with brief information about each title. It has been created with careful screening and multiple reviews by experts in the children’s literature sector.

Parag Catalogue

Download our catalogue for a collection of books published by the Trusts’ partners, under picture books, poems, young readers, activity Books and teachers’ resource books categorized according to age and genres.

Reading Lists

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