Of course, I am happy but I am not entitled to enjoy the honour all by myself. Allow me to share it with my family, my children and my readers. They deserve it the most.


Rajiv Tambe is a writer and editor. He has published over 75 books and worked with leading Marathi publishers including Mehta Publishing, Rajhans Publication, Jyotsna Publication and others such as Room to Read, National Book Trust and Pratham Books. His work comprises stories, poems, one act plays, nonfiction and educational science books including simple science experiments for children. As an editor he has keenly promoted new talented children’s writers, attempted to publish books across a variety of genres and promoted children’s literature and reading through a large number of workshops. While working for NGOs and for UNICEF as an educational consultant he has traveled extensively visiting schools, helping teachers and students in the most remote areas of Maharashtra. His methods are unique and innovative, resulting out of his rich and varied experience. His contact and appeal with children is immediate and they enjoy the ‘zero cost’ learning activities devised by Tambe.

Jury Speaks:

“Rajiv Tambe has explored a wide range of genre for children from storybooks, non-fiction, adventure stories, plays, poetry to science books, which is unusual and impressive.”

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