In the Land Where Beetles Rule

Illustrated books of poetry for children are rare in India. The pages of this bold and pathbreaking book have sparse but unsparing text that are illustrated by stunning and disturbing illustrations of a stark future where the world as we know it has collapsed and beetles rule the land. A book for older readers, each page opens a conversation on recognizable markers of today’s world set in an unrecognizable future.

Pratham Books 2022 Suniti Namjoshi Krishna Bala Shenoi

Who’s afraid of Z? Not Me!

A delightful story, written in verse, about a family computer which has lost the letter ‘z’ (American ‘Zee’). We can imagine what would happen if we were to lose ‘a’ or ‘p’ on the keyboard. But ‘z’? Playfully narrated and illustrated, the story makes us think about the much neglected ‘z’. The wordplay and the mischief make this a fun book. There are a ‘illion’ reasons to read this picture book!

HarperCollins Publishers India 2022 Lubaina Bandukwala Allen Shaw

First Katha book of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Haibun

“This is a lovely poetry collection that can introduce young readers to lesser-known poetic forms of Japan. What is special about the book is how the spare quality of these forms is adapted beautifully in the Indian context. The strong imagery of these poems reflects that of the Indian world full of textures. The endnotes provide useful ways of understanding these forms and poems.”


Katha 2019 Various Poets Surabhi Singh