Girls of India – A Mauryan Adventure

Madhura, a helper and companion of Princess Sanghamitra dreams of travelling like her trader brother, Kartik, to new and exciting places. Finally, her dreams come true when she travels from Pataliputra to Ujjaini with Kartik. This fascinating account is part of the Girls of India series that captures what is was like to grow up in the past. 

Let’s Go Time Travelling!

In this book, the short interesting pieces gives the reader a glimpse of people and lives in the past – from the greedy guest who ate so much that his dhoti strings burst open, to how chillies and tomatoes came to India from Portugal. With Tapas Guha’s illustration of the vibrant Indian culture and Subhadra’s telling, the book takes us through the ages of the Harappan civilisation to the Mauryan, and from the Mughals to the British. 

History Mystery Dal Biryani

Salim is stuck selling biryani near Jama Masjid while dreaming of singing qawwali. In Pataliputra, while painting earthen pots Parvati encounters an unlikely customer. A collection of tales from Indian history filled with mystery, adventure, and humour that young adults can relate to. 

 The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Cook

Rohin is at his grandparents’ sprawling bungalow in Lucknow for his vacation when he stumbles upon the diary of Hasnu. While Rohin loves to dabble in cooking, his father wishes for him to pursue science in school. This book is a comforting read for teenagers who have to choose between their passion and conventional career choices.

The Constitution of India for Children

Subhadra has put together this eloquent book that dives deep into the ethos of our Constitution. The book asks some very pertinent questions while taking the reader through India’s historical journey to being a democratic and secular republic. The Constitution of India for Children, written for young adults is a relevant handbook for the young citizens of today and tomorrow.