Kaisa Kaisa Khana

A word can have different meanings in different contexts. Have you come across any interesting meanings of khana in your day to day life? Well, Rashi has some interesting observations to share. This exploration is cleverly worded by Prabhat. Allen Shaw has beautifully illustrated every stop that comes during Rashi’s journey.

Cycle ka Sapna

This book was created out of a workshop held with children at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Bombay. The creatively designed book introduces children to the concept of saving energy and the environmental advantages of using a cycle over a motorcycle.

Kya baat ho gayi

An accordion format poem book, using free verse, unrhymed, but still rhythmic. The simple language with a mystery at the heart of it. A feeling in the human and natural world about birds, animals, and humans not returning when the evening falls. The poem has an enormous potential for discussion.

Megh ki chaaya

A collection of fun poems that cover everything from the rain to the falling of leaves, watching birds, animals, toys and many more such things that children identify with.