Among the few excellent contemporary writers of children’s literature, Prabhat is a well-known name. He writes in various genres of literature. For the past many years, he has been continuously writing good compositions, specially poems, for children. Apart from giving them joy, his writing gives children the opportunity to drown in an ocean of imagination, get engulfed in a vortex of curiosity, and to think and reflect. Some of his famous collections of poems have been illustrated by well-known artists. Publishers known for quality children’s literature have published many of his stories The popularity of his books can be gauged by the fact that every second year a new edition is printed.

His latest book, ‘Kaisa Kaisa Khana’ is a book of laughter. The laughter that arises out of a situation and not by making fun of someone. In this book, the reader creates humour by arriving at the meaning of words. The book plays with the flexibility of language and tells us that language is not words, but making meaning out of what you read.

Prabhat is also known for presenting in his writing, images and experiences of rural life with authenticity and ease. He often uses regional/ local words in children’s poems and stories – there is flexibility and grace in his language and the fragrance of (the village) soil. In the world of children’s literature, Prabhat is a very promising writer of the new generation.