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Nabaneeta Dev Sen has been writing for children since 1979. She is renowned as a feminist author and has also vastly written for adults. She has been the recipient of various prestigious awards such as the Sahitya Academy Award and the Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad Award, as well as the Padma Shree. She has written books spanning across several genres – novels, travelogues, short stories and plays. Her contribution to contemporary Bengali literature cannot be ignored. Her stories explore a wide range of human emotions, and often have strong female central characters. She retired from the field of academics in 2002 (she was a professor of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University and a visiting professor at many other universities overseas). Her writings reflect her fine sense of humour as well as a nuanced understanding of the complex social reality of our times.

Jury Speak:

“Nabaneeta Dev Sen is remarkable for producing a body of work which treat children not just as children but young adults. She is never patronising in tone, and her stories deal with a variety of themes which are complex and nuanced. Her characters are fully fleshed and never cardboard cut-outs. Her work is characterised by originality at various levels, a rare intelligence that provokes laughter and reflection, often bordering on the vulnerable. Her writing focuses on exploring interpersonal relationships across several generations and bringing in multiple perspectives.”

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