The Great Book Chase

Lurking deep in the heart of every librarian is a set of amazing stories which are not a part of the library collection…

Usha Mukunda kitablet 18 Jan 2017

The Making of Kitablet

When I look back at the making of Kitablet, I get reminded of the quote, “It takes a village to raise a kid”. Many organizations and individuals have come together to bring alive Kitablet…

Parul Bajaj Kitablet 16 Jan 2017

It’s All About the Book

I grew up in a small sleepy town, with little to do but read books and travel the world through them. So the printed text, the feel of a paperback and the smell of a new book is sacred…

Swaha Sahoo Kitablet 16 Jan 2017

LEC Hindi 2016 participants and the team

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 16 Sep 2016

LEC Team in action!

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 16 Sep 2016

The library educator’s course has kicked off!

Written by Parag Team The library educator’s certificate course (LEC) organized by Parag kicked off on May 23rd. The five days of contact (May 23-27) were enriching,..

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 8 Jun 2016

LEC Contact 1: Paraphrasing Manisha Choudhry, Head of Content, Pratham Books, Author & Translator

We have an opportunity with children’s literature in this country. There are as many languages as there are childhoods in India and we need as many stories in print…

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 21 Jun 2016

Library Educators Workshop – Kalike, Karnataka

Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of my work in Bookworm is that I get to share our experiences in a learning environment with other people…

Sujata Noronha Library Educator's Course 23 Jan 2016

Snapshots from LEC 2016

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 29 May 2016

LEC 2016 Hindi

Parag’s Library Educator’s Course (or LEC) is a first-of-its-kind professional development course for librarians, teachers and other practitioners who work with children and books…

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 24 Mar 2016