An Indonesian man and his favorite horse deliver books to children every week.

A man and a horse named Luna are encouraging rural kids in Indonesia to read.

Earlier this year, Ridwan Sururi, 42, who takes care of horses for a living, built a wooden box to place on Luna’s back and loaded it with children’s books. He calls the project Kudapustaka, which means “horse library” in Indonesian.

“I love horses, and I want this hobby to bring benefit to people,” Sururi told BBC News.

Sururi takes his horse library through the Purbalingga region of central Java three days a week, delivering books to children at schools where many educational resources are limited. All of the books are donated, and he doesn’t charge a fee for borrowing.

Read the full article at http://www.takepart.com/video/2015/10/27/horse-library

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