Written by Alaka Malwade Basu

Recently I took a day off to be among the first to enter the branch of the Washington DC Public Library that has opened right across my street. I had been eagerly awaiting the moment and when I finally entered the place, I was not disappointed.

Nor was I surprised. The US public library system is pretty predictable in its offerings. In whichever branch of the library in whatever part of the country, you can always expect a homecoming of sorts, peace amidst the din outside. If the rest of the world must imitate the US, I mused, instead of copying its bullying foreign policy or its increasing rightwards tilt in matters economic, we would do well to pick up one of its truly socialist and inclusive traditions – the open and easy access to cake for the mind.

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To continue with the stories of reading…

Written by Shivani Bajaj There is a reading which may not in the technical sense of the word qualify for reading, but it is making sense of sorts. Children as young as 4 years walk in to the Book Reading Club at times, (though formally the age group is meant to be 6-10 years).

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 13 Aug 2014

‘Reading’ with Vini and Akaash

Written by Arnavaz At home, Vini’s family spoke Gujarati. Her parents were educated in a Gujarati medium school.

Niju Mohan Library Educator's Course 4 Aug 2014