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Bombay Ducks, Bombay Docks

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“This book describes the lives of the traditional Koli fisherman of Bombay. Grandmother Aaji tells the story about the Kolis – the original inhabitants of Bombay. Their favorite food is a local fish, Bombil, also called Bombay Duck. How did the fish get this name? This fascinating story tells how the lives of the Koli […]

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The Laddoo Code

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Two friends who want to share laddoos. They pass a note in class from one end to the other. The other children read the note too and eagerly wait to eat the laddoos. So next day one friend writes the note in a special code which only his friend is able to decipher. Later both […]

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Ammachi’s Incredible Investigation

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“The tasty uniappams disappear. Who could have stolen and eaten them? There are three possible suspects – the civet cat, grandfather and the dog? Ammachi, the clever grandmother, lays three different traps three different traps to catch the prospective thief. A lovable story which all small children will adore.”

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