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My Daddy and the Well

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“As a child, Jerry’s father worked hard to water the banana fields. He used a long bamboo to lift water and often jumped into the well. Years later, a hand operated pump was used for watering. But when people migrated to greener pastures, the village stopped growing red bananas. One day daddy takes little Jerry […]

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Who’s There?

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“A folktale from Jharkhand. A Bhoot and a Bhootni take temporary shelter in a farmer’s attic where the Bhootni gives birth to a dozen little ones. Later they find a permanent shelter in a tamarind tree at the end of the farmer’s field. The quirkiness of the idea and the setting of the story are […]

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Queen of Earth

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“This is a brilliant historical fiction grounded in thorough research. The narrative is engaging and layered. While the focus remains on a queen ruling at a time when women were not documented in historical records, the story makes room for emotional relationships as well as complex details of lifestyle from that period.”

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