Animal Alphabet

The book offers an introduction to the English alphabet. It is thoroughly enjoyable as it also shows lesser-known animals of India and in their natural habitats. It places content in context and helps children become familiar with animals that live in our country. The rhyme, illustrations and colour palette offer vibrant visuals that will get children hooked.

Tulika Publishers 2020 Manjula Padmanabhan Manjula Padmanabhan

My Name is Gulab

This powerful story tells of an act of courage of a manual scavenger’s daughter. Young Gulab takes the first step to ensure her father does not have to use bare hands for work. Addressing caste issues sensitively and sensibly, the book presents a world that many children are insulated from. Oppression and people living in the margins are portrayed through the narration. The illustrations are evocative, with a choice of colours that align imagination with reality.

Tulika Publishers 2021 Sagar Kolwankar Sagar Kolwankar

Noon Chai and a Story

This heart-warming story has an underlying spirit of resilience and love. The book indeed feels like the dried rose petals that Deidi, Amiya’s grandmother, preserved within the pages of a book. The story of Deidi flows gently through the book, shared over a cup of noon chai. The book is a reminder that a story is waiting to be told and a book waiting to be written by each of us if only we care to look, listen and write.

Tulika Publishers 2021 Adithi Rao Ghazal Qadri

A Saree for Ammi

“This is a heart-warming story of two sisters who take up several odd jobs to get a surprise gift for their mother. The colourful illustrations place the story among the Muslim community who weave sarees in Kota.”


Tulika Publishers 2019 Mamta Nainy Sandhya Prabhat

Zakir and His Tabla Dha Dhin Na

The story of Ustad Zakir Hussain’s childhood as he learns to play the tabla from his strict and famous father, Allarakha. The animated illustrations take us into the world of Indian music and we can almost hear the table beats, with young Zakir’s hands and hair flying as he plays the tabla.


Tulika Publishers 2020 Sandhya Rao Priya Kuriyan