A little girl, Kadalamma, learns of the secrets of the sea as she takes a shorewalk with her fisherman grandfather, Palayam. This book is illustrated with photographs of life and living on the seashore and has an insider’s view of the deep relationship that communities share with the sea and all the life in it. The sensitivity and voice of the narrative, the depth of content and excellent images make the book a wonderful example of narrative non-fiction.

Tulika Books 2022 Yuvan Aves Yuvan Aves

Jokhu and the Big Scare

A fun picture book about a monster or jokhini, sourced from Assamese folklore, but given a modern twist. The central character of Jokhu is wildly illustrated and perhaps the idea is that scary monsters need not always be either feared or defeated, but can also be befriended. The little girl who becomes friends with Jokhu is unshaken and fearless. But even as a friend Jokhu is not entirely tamed in the end! And that is good!

Tulika Books 2022 Priyadarshini Gogoi Debasmita Dasgupta