Hop on: My Adventures on Boats, Trains and Planes

The book is a narration of a boy’s first journey on a boat, train and plane. Written as short pieces, each one is endearing and honest. It tells the reader in a comforting way that it is all right to be scared, worried, sick and uncomfortable while living through new experiences. The freshness of images invites the reader right in.

Talking Cub by Speaking Tiger Books 2020 Ruskin Bond Samrat Halder

The Teenage Diary of Abbakka- The Warrior Queen of South India

This is a gripping diary of the Princess of Tulunadu, a region rich in history. Descriptive entries give readers a peek into the lives of the Princess and the Queen of Ullal, a coastal town that resisted Portuguese trade for generations. Courage, valour, diplomacy, love and compassion come together in the story that examines what it means to be a good ruler at a time of changing economy and political crisis.

Talking Cub by Speaking Tiger Books 2020 Kavitha Mandana