In the Land Where Beetles Rule

Illustrated books of poetry for children are rare in India. The pages of this bold and pathbreaking book have sparse but unsparing text that are illustrated by stunning and disturbing illustrations of a stark future where the world as we know it has collapsed and beetles rule the land. A book for older readers, each page opens a conversation on recognizable markers of today’s world set in an unrecognizable future.

Pratham Books 2022 Suniti Namjoshi Krishna Bala Shenoi

The Plant Whisperer

This picture book explores the journey of a young woman scientist finding her place in the world. The secrets of plants intrigue her as much as she continues to struggle with loneliness, often baffled in an unkind world. The illustrations capture the sense of her discovery that mustard plants that grew up with unrelated plants tended to help each other as much as they tell the story of her self-discovery. A book for all children who love asking questions about the world and themselves.

Pratham Books 2022 Sayantan Datta Bhavya Kumar

The Theatre of Ghosts

A journey in the dark to an evening of traditional theatre turns out to be quite the adventure for five children and a puppy. The pages in this wordless tale are brilliantly lit by the illustrations where the children, led by the three girls, encounter fears as they make their way through the jungles, fields and wetlands of the Majuli island. A sterling example of a deeply contextual story that echoes universal themes and values while not losing a sense of adventure and fun.

Pratham Books 2022 Pankaj Saikia Pankaj Saikia

My Street

A tale for today’s troubled times, where the entire neighbourhood comes together to help a boy who breaks a toy that he used to ride the streets. The sense of movement, speed and joy of the boy as he whizzes through the neighbourhood are superbly captured in snapshots from different vantage points in this wordless book. The strong theme of fraternity is held easily but firmly in this breezy and beautifully illustrated book.

Pratham Books 2022 Sadaf Siddique Habib Ali

When a Forest Wakes Up

If you see patterns in clouds and creatures in the sun and moon, then you’ll love this picture book. It draws images in words and the illustrations offer various interpretations. The beautiful images, borrowing from various folk-art forms, are done in bold strokes and often challenge the words on the page. All the animals in the forest are allegorical, even the sun! Meant for all age groups, this picture book is a magical journey into our own imagination.

Pratham Books 2021 Sudarshan Shaw Sudarshan Shaw


This is a heart-warming wordless picture book which tells the story of an indie dog in a busy city. Dugga’s life is not easy – he lives beneath the sidewalk, forages for food and often faces the wrath of humans. But as a survivor he’s incredibly endearing. Then one day he has a nasty accident. The illustrations are remarkable, done only in shades of brown, as they make us relook at all the dogs who live and survive on the streets around us.

Pratham Books 2022 Rajiv Eipe Rajiv Eipe

Beauty is Missing

Priya Kuriyan, the illustrator-writer of this book has woven a tale around an unusual pair of heroines – a sharp and brave rural policewoman and a music-loving buffalo. Beauty, the buffalo goes missing, and Jincy, the policewoman gets down to work to find her. The beautiful illustrations tell half the story, and the tightly written text conveys the rest, subtly and hilariously. This book is a treat for both early readers as well as older children.

Pratham Books 2022 Priya Kuriyan Priya Kuriyan

Asamo is that You?

Most children love stories about monsters and, in this book, they encounter many kinds. The story is about a journey of being free of fear. What makes the book even more interesting is that Yumum, who encounters various monsters, remains unperturbed. The captivating illustrations support the text, lets the child’s imagination run wild and brings the adorable yet strange creatures alive.

Pratham Books 2021 Canato Jimo and Ogin Nayam Canato Jimo and Ogin Nayam