Unearthed- An Environmental History of Independent India

“This book presents a range of complex environmental issues in an easy to understand manner. It frames India’s environmental challenges, from the Green Revolution to climate change, by contextualizing how Partition and the drawing of political borders impacted our environment. This rare approach sets the tone right from the beginning of the book.”


Penguin Random House India 2020 Meghaa Gupta Aditi Shastry

Journey to the Forbidden City

“The year is 1865, Nain Singh Rawat has set out to map Lhasa in Tibet and the seat of the Dalai Lama. This magical story takes us to land still undiscovered, as Nain Singh braves dangers, fights the extreme cold in disguise and does the impossible. It blends history with biography and keeps us on the edge of our seats.”


Penguin Random House India 2020 Deepa Agarwal Meghna Menon