Philosophy for Children

This unusual book attempts to banish the common perception that philosophy is not for children, though most of us can recognize that children make wonderful philosophers. The book is divided into sections where timeless and core philosophical concerns are transformed into common themes in a child’s life – seeing, thinking, reading, writing, mathematics, art, being good and learning – that they can relate to easily. The quirky illustrations animate and support the lucid text that makes philosophy contemporary, fun, relatable yet absorbing.

Jugnoo Prakashan 2021 Sundar Sarukkai Priya Kuriyan

Our World/ Hamari Duniya

This bilingual picture book, a big book, is a fantastic portrayal of solidarity, love and compassion. The book tells us that the whole living world, the universe, is a web of life. Every being needs to support the other in the circle of life, where one is a part of many and many a part of one.

Jugnoo Prakashan 2021 Sandhya Rao Proiti Roy