India’s Freedom Story

Broadening the scope of the struggle for independence that children have read in their history books, this book links the events that began in 1857 and developed and swelled into the tide that swept us to freedom in 1947. Apart from events and personalities, it also discusses the ideas, ideologies and philosophies that shaped the freedom struggle and continue to influence modern India and people and movements around the world.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2021 Ira Saxena and Nilima Sinha Arun Pottirayil

The Enchanted Cottage

A beautifully illustrated and designed storybook from the master storyteller Ruskin Bond. The story does not hold too many surprises or too many ghostly encounters, but there is tremendous atmosphere. As the author describes the cottage, the surrounding jungle and the greedy crow, we visualize it all and get pulled into the world where something is waiting to happen. And something is not quite dead because life was cruel…

HarperCollins Publishers India 2022 Ruskin Bond Sucharita Sengupta Suri

I Am So Much More

The book addresses the all-pervasive topic of skin colour in India. The delightful illustrations present a whole palette of skin tones by associating the shades to all kinds of things around us. Did you realise that biscuits come in all kinds of skin colour? The rhymes accompanying the illustrations challenge gender stereotypes, bring in unusual professions and children who dream big.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2021 Divya Thomas Ruchi Shah

Monster Folktales from South Asia

This is a thrilling but thoughtful collection of monster folktales from all over South Asia. A giant ogre who eats people, a fire demon and a sea monster – all create havoc. The language is evocative and the illustrations are quite flamboyant as monsters leap out of the pages. The stories can be read aloud to younger children. As with most monster tales, these too end with victory over the monster, which can be external or internal. Is there anyone who has not fought monsters?

HarperCollins Publishers India 2021 Musharraf Ali Farooqi Michelle Farooqi

Who’s afraid of Z? Not Me!

A delightful story, written in verse, about a family computer which has lost the letter ‘z’ (American ‘Zee’). We can imagine what would happen if we were to lose ‘a’ or ‘p’ on the keyboard. But ‘z’? Playfully narrated and illustrated, the story makes us think about the much neglected ‘z’. The wordplay and the mischief make this a fun book. There are a ‘illion’ reasons to read this picture book!

HarperCollins Publishers India 2022 Lubaina Bandukwala Allen Shaw

Bena’s Summer

This is an enchanting, true-to-life saga of a large, extended Muslim family in modern day North India. Eight-year-old Bena, the apple of everybody’s eye, is a most endearing, generous, and courageous character. Bena experiences riots, death, family feuds and abuse during her visit to the old family home one summer and deals with it all, most uniquely, as only children can.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2020 Shibal Bhartiya

How to be a Writer

Aimed at readers young and old, the book opens up a part of Ruskin Bond’s world of writing. Bond talks about the various aspects of his writing and the process that leads to the final written piece. By the by, Bond invites readers to ponder on everything about life.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2020 Ruskin Bond Harper Collins