Bena’s Summer

This is an enchanting, true-to-life saga of a large, extended Muslim family in modern day North India. Eight-year-old Bena, the apple of everybody’s eye, is a most endearing, generous, and courageous character. Bena experiences riots, death, family feuds and abuse during her visit to the old family home one summer and deals with it all, most uniquely, as only children can.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2020 Shibal Bhartiya

How to be a Writer

Aimed at readers young and old, the book opens up a part of Ruskin Bond’s world of writing. Bond talks about the various aspects of his writing and the process that leads to the final written piece. By the by, Bond invites readers to ponder on everything about life.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2020 Ruskin Bond Harper Collins