The Swan Car of Nabha and other Unusual Stories from History

“This is a fascinating book which places history outside textbooks, with dates and question-answers. This is a book telling us that history can be fun! You will meet Barapasaurus, the desi dinosaurs who lived in Telangana. You will discover that Emperor Jehangir once had a zebra and that the game of Ludo was invented in India.”


Harper Collins Publishers India 2020 Live History India Anitha Balachandran

Mini’s Questions

“Do you ask too many questions? If you don’t, then maybe you should. This is what Ritu Miss tells Mini in the delightfully written story in which Mini’s questions solve a mystery. This book will put a smile on your face and inspire you to ask many questions of your own!”


Harper Collins Publishers India 2020 Nndini Nayar Isha Nagar

Candid Tales- India on a Motorcycle

“Imagine, an intrepid girl! On a motorcycle! Travelling solo across India for five months. Candida Louis follows her dream as she rides her Royal Enfield bike through Kashmir, through Ladakh and a village of three huts! Her journey of 32,000 kms will make you feel the wind in your hair.”


Harper Collins Publishers India 2020 Adithi Rao Ruchi Shah