The Grand Chapati Contest

In this wacky story, a king holds a chapati contest for the fluffiest and puffiest chapati. If you love soft-fluffy-puffy chapatis, then you would know what it feels like to eat not-so-fluffy-puffy chapatis. That is what happened to the king. And if you have eaten soft-fluffy-puffy chapatis, read this book to find out what you have been missing. The illustrations brighten the story.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2020 Asha Nehemiah Chetan Sharma

The boy who played with light-Satyajit Ray

This is a short biography of Satyajit Ray who, as a young boy, loved playing with light and shadow. The book not only lets children’s imagination run riot but also boldly traces dream pursuit. The well-researched book is an easy read interspersed with sketches that add an element of fun to reading. It is a good introduction to Ray and invites readers to explore his life and works further.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2021 Lavanya Karthik Lavanya Karthik

10 Indian Heroes Who Help People Live With Dignity

This inspiring book is about ordinary people with extraordinary courage, about hope, compassion and perseverance of those who help others fight for their right to live with dignity. It describes issues that people in modern India face. It highlights the importance of upholding the country’s constitutional rights, now more than ever. Ten chapters are devoted to ten people who stand out for their commitment to justice and rights.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2021 Somak Ghosal

Postbox Kashmir-Two Lives in Letters

Between letters, the author weaves threads picked from the lines the two pen friends share. The book depicts Kashmir from different points of view, ranging crucial aspects of the regional, social, political and emotional. The outstanding craft of this book makes it a powerful one.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2021 Divya Agarwal

Queen of Fire

The fearsome Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi comes alive in this well-researched book. India’s freedom struggle, in which the Queen played a dominant role, the account follows her from when she becomes the ruler. Dramatically written, the book includes monologues by Damodar, Lakshmibai’s son, which adds tenderness to the narrative.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2021 Devika Rangachari