The Blue Horse and Other Amazing Animals from Indian History

A refreshing narration of the life of popular historical characters by their animal friends. It is a well-researched text, a book of history which overcomes the heavy perception of the subject. Divided into short sections, it makes way for an easy read. If you are an animal lover, this book is for you. If you are not, you will still enjoy it and might begin to like animals and history.

Hachette India 2020 Nandini Sengupta Damini Gupta

Gods,Giants and the Geography of India

This well-researched book on geomythology throws light on the fascinating relationship between folklore and some of the most spectacular geological formations in India. Before the advent of science, which offers a peek into nature’s cataclysmic events like volcanoes and earthquakes that shaped the earth’s crust, people spun stories and songs to explain such scary phenomena. The book marries the two in an entertaining fashion.

Hachette India 2021 Nalini Ramchandran Sharanya Kunnatha