I Am So Much More

The book addresses the all-pervasive topic of skin colour in India. The delightful illustrations present a whole palette of skin tones by associating the shades to all kinds of things around us. Did you realise that biscuits come in all kinds of skin colour? The rhymes accompanying the illustrations challenge gender stereotypes, bring in unusual professions and children who dream big.

HarperCollins Publishers India 2021 Divya Thomas Ruchi Shah

Candid Tales- India on a Motorcycle

“Imagine, an intrepid girl! On a motorcycle! Travelling solo across India for five months. Candida Louis follows her dream as she rides her Royal Enfield bike through Kashmir, through Ladakh and a village of three huts! Her journey of 32,000 kms will make you feel the wind in your hair.”


Harper Collins Publishers India 2020 Adithi Rao Ruchi Shah