Chitty – A Dog and Her Forest Farm

Chitty is a dog who is taken from the streets of Pune to a life in a forest farm in the Western Ghats. We are introduced to her world at the farm, her growing years, her adventures and her deep, abiding relationship with Serow. The illustrations bring this green, wet, funny, scary world alive. The sensitive portrayal of Chitty’s passing is a mediation on the nature of life that is such a rare opportunity for children to relate to it in writing.

Kalpavriksh 2021 Serow Rajiv Eipe


This is a heart-warming wordless picture book which tells the story of an indie dog in a busy city. Dugga’s life is not easy – he lives beneath the sidewalk, forages for food and often faces the wrath of humans. But as a survivor he’s incredibly endearing. Then one day he has a nasty accident. The illustrations are remarkable, done only in shades of brown, as they make us relook at all the dogs who live and survive on the streets around us.

Pratham Books 2022 Rajiv Eipe Rajiv Eipe

Ammachi’s Incredible Investigation

“The tasty uniappams disappear. Who could have stolen and eaten them? There are three possible suspects – the civet cat, grandfather and the dog? Ammachi, the clever grandmother, lays three different traps three different traps to catch the prospective thief. A lovable story which all small children will adore.”


Pratham Books 2019 Vinayak Varma Rajiv Eipe