The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street

This is a lovely, layered story of children’s connections with their lived environment. The story portrays the relationship between a child and an adult in a gentle manner, conveying warmth without becoming syrupy-sweet. The illustrations are evocative with each charactebeing unique in its detail, and the garden coming stunningly coming alive through the pages.


Kalpavriksh 2020 Nandita Da Cunha Priya Kuriyan

Zakir and His Tabla Dha Dhin Na

The story of Ustad Zakir Hussain’s childhood as he learns to play the tabla from his strict and famous father, Allarakha. The animated illustrations take us into the world of Indian music and we can almost hear the table beats, with young Zakir’s hands and hair flying as he plays the tabla.


Tulika Publishers 2020 Sandhya Rao Priya Kuriyan