This is Where We Live

Here is a story of a day that starts sunny, turns stormy and rainy, and all this through compelling and bold sketches. The book is sure to have the reader’s heart. And it is likely that readers will return to the book, time and again, and each time find something new. The narrative has the ability to connect with the reader’s world, their days of sun, storm and rain, and who knows, it may even encourage them to pick up a pencil and start sketching!

Pratham Books 2021 Manjari Chakaravarti

Tiger, Tiger, where are you?

The book is a telling through clues of where the tiger is, as you imagine the animal roaming the jungle. It keeps the reader guessing where the big cat is, while also getting a glimpse into how you track wild fauna. The watercolour illustration is gentle, soft and warm. Children may be enthusiastic about the outdoors and animals after reading this book.

Pratham Books 2021 Mujahid Khan Manjari Chakaravarti