Who’s afraid of Z? Not Me!

A delightful story, written in verse, about a family computer which has lost the letter ‘z’ (American ‘Zee’). We can imagine what would happen if we were to lose ‘a’ or ‘p’ on the keyboard. But ‘z’? Playfully narrated and illustrated, the story makes us think about the much neglected ‘z’. The wordplay and the mischief make this a fun book. There are a ‘illion’ reasons to read this picture book!

HarperCollins Publishers India 2022 Lubaina Bandukwala Allen Shaw

Who’s Next?

Who’s Next is a big book. The illustration is so rich and vivid that children and adults alike are bound to find joy in it. The simple narrative is told through the eyes of a child by the window watching an urban wedding entourage pass by. The illustrations offer a parallel narrative, and looking closely, the reader will find elements of inclusions portrayed intelligently, and with wit.

Eklavya 2021 Prabhat Allen Shaw