When Adil Speaks, Words Dance

This sensitive and wonderful story on inclusion and friendship, and portrays empathy beautifully. Adil communicates through sign language, or as his friends see it words dancing to the and music within him. The book does not glorify Adil. Instead, it portrays him as a child who cannot hear but is able to communicate differently from other children around him. The illustrations play an enhancing role in this book.

Puffin Books by Penguin Random House India 2020 Lavanya Karthik Lavanya Karthik

The boy who played with light-Satyajit Ray

This is a short biography of Satyajit Ray who, as a young boy, loved playing with light and shadow. The book not only lets children’s imagination run riot but also boldly traces dream pursuit. The well-researched book is an easy read interspersed with sketches that add an element of fun to reading. It is a good introduction to Ray and invites readers to explore his life and works further.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2021 Lavanya Karthik Lavanya Karthik