The Secret World of Mehlli Gobhai: The Man Who Found Art Everywhere

Mehlli Gobhai found art all around. He saw beyond what lives on the surface and closely observed the living and the non-living interact. For instance, Gobhai is attracted to murky waters that flow in Indian rather than the crystal clear streams in the US because ‘it will leave some mud on the banks and other things will grow’. The book introduces readers to the inspiring journey of an artist who sees the world and modern art through a welcoming lens.

Pratham Books 2021 Jerry Pinto Kripa

My Daddy and the Well

“As a child, Jerry’s father worked hard to water the banana fields. He used a long bamboo to lift water and often jumped into the well. Years later, a hand operated pump was used for watering. But when people migrated to greener pastures, the village stopped growing red bananas. One day daddy takes little Jerry to his village. On seeing the unused well and rusted hand pump he remembers the good old days and jumps into the well for a good swim!”

Duckbill Books by Penguin Random House India 2020 Jerry Pinto Lavanya Naidu