Queen of Fire

The fearsome Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi comes alive in this well-researched book. India’s freedom struggle, in which the Queen played a dominant role, the account follows her from when she becomes the ruler. Dramatically written, the book includes monologues by Damodar, Lakshmibai’s son, which adds tenderness to the narrative.

Duckbill by Penguin Random House India 2021 Devika Rangachari

Queen of Earth

“This is a brilliant historical fiction grounded in thorough research. The narrative is engaging and layered. While the focus remains on a queen ruling at a time when women were not documented in historical records, the story makes room for emotional relationships as well as complex details of lifestyle from that period.”


Duckbill Books by Penguin Random House India 2020 Devika Rangachari