Kashmir! Kashmir!

This is a refreshing anthology of short fiction set in Kashmir. The stories are varied and multi-layered, and they talk about people living there, people who were compelled to leave and about visitors who come and go. The book is set on a cord where beauty and pain run in the same vein. The stories bring in the reader to the daily experiences of struggle, dissent, helplessness, love, compassion and courage of people living in Kashmir, and to the uncertainty that constantly looms.

Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. 2021 Deepa Agarwal

Journey to the Forbidden City

“The year is 1865, Nain Singh Rawat has set out to map Lhasa in Tibet and the seat of the Dalai Lama. This magical story takes us to land still undiscovered, as Nain Singh braves dangers, fights the extreme cold in disguise and does the impossible. It blends history with biography and keeps us on the edge of our seats.”


Penguin Random House India 2020 Deepa Agarwal Meghna Menon