Ikru’s first day of school

This wordless picture book speaks a million stories and is based on a theme common in the lives of most children. The book creates many stories from one. The detailed illustrations paint a real picture of the first day of school, a memorable event for most children. This is a fun book for children to engage with. Being wordless, it is accessible to several kinds of readers.

Pratham Books 2021 Sunaina Coelho

This is Where We Live

Here is a story of a day that starts sunny, turns stormy and rainy, and all this through compelling and bold sketches. The book is sure to have the reader’s heart. And it is likely that readers will return to the book, time and again, and each time find something new. The narrative has the ability to connect with the reader’s world, their days of sun, storm and rain, and who knows, it may even encourage them to pick up a pencil and start sketching!

Pratham Books 2021 Manjari Chakaravarti