Prabhat, devoted to writing for children in Hindi, has several titles to his name and published by a range of publishers. His first published books appeared in 2005 – ‘Kalibai’  by Room to Read, and ‘Paniyon ki Gadiyon Mein’ by Lokayat. Writing in children’s magazines has also been an intrinsic part of his writing career and has published several poems in magazines. Prabhat’s writing captures a wide age group with humour and empathy. He has emerged as a pioneer of the contemporary style of writing for children using language that is simple and often local. He holds the ability to write across genres and about conflict in a style that is tender yet complex. Prabhat’s contribution to children’s literature has been so intense that his work has secured a place in the domain of education. His latest book is ‘Kaisa Kaisa Khana’ published by Ektara, Bhopal, a book of great wit and enjoyable read.

Jury Speaks:

“Prabhat’s writing presents images and experiences of humble life with originality and spontaneity. His works create opportunities for children to be immersed in the realm of happiness and curiosity. Prabhat has brought in a new wave to the world of children’s literature.”

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