I did not know that a private organisation like Tata Trust awards authors for children’s literature. Children’s literature has not received its due recognition for awards. It is a source of immense pride that my work has been selected.


Kartik Ghosh is a very well received author of present day Bengali children’s literature. Born in a small village in Arambagh, Hooghly District, he went on to work in the editorial team of various Bengali newspapers and magazines. He has written short stories, novels, fairy-tales, poems and explored various other genres through his writing. He has received several accolades, including the National Award for Children’s literature for his book Ekta Meye Eka. His books are enjoyed by young and adult readers alike. His books Juifuler Rumal, Cholo Chiriakhana, Shei Chheleta and Pyakatir Nouka are especially popular. Nature plays a very beautiful and tender role in most of his works, which is reminiscent of his upbringing amidst nature.

Jury Speaks:

“Kartik Ghosh has a distinctive style attuned to a specific age group – early childhood. His writing is focused on (and circumscribed by) the range of everyday experiences. He plays with an imaginary world, abstract ideas and nature, following only a thin outline of plot in most of his books. He infuses innocence and lightness in his stories by hatching simple plots and keeping them brief. His language is fluent, uncomplicated, and never appears forced or contrived.”

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